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Just as bodies and minds grow, Catholics believe that the soul also needs to grow in the life of grace. The sacrament of Confirmation builds on the sacraments of Baptism, Penance, and Holy Communion, completing the process of initiation into the Catholic community.

Confirmation Preparation

The celebration of Confirmation is traditionally celebrated in the Spring of eleventh grade (twelfth grade is also welcome). Formal instruction in the faith is recommended. Students participate in the preparation provided for by the Religious Education Staff. Questions regarding the preparation of this sacrament for high school juniors and seniors in the religious education program and parishioners of Christ Our Light Catholic Parish can be directed to Matt Kehrer, Coordinator of Youth Ministry and Confirmation, at 763-389-2115 or email: [email protected]


Here is what you need to prepare for the sacrament:


1)    Mass Attendance (Weekend and Holy Days of Obligation)

2)    FIRE (Families In Religious Education): FIRE meets on two Wednesdays each month from 6:15pm - 7:45pm (link to schedule is above.) As candidates, you are called to participate as learners in the faith, which includes the parish whole-community Catechesis program.

3)    Confirmation Sponsors: Sponsors for Confirmation are a confirmed, practicing Catholic who will work closely with the candidate as a mentor who will support the candidate during the journey of preparation for the Sacrament. The sponsor presents the Candidate to the Bishop during the Confirmation Mass.

4)    Confirmation Candidate Interview: You are required to connect with the coordinator regarding your intention of being confirmed through Christ Our Light. Sign up for ONE interview from the dates offered. Your Sponsor Registration Form is due at this interview. You will sign up for an interview at the parent/student meeting during the FIRE kickoff.

5)    Confirmation Retreat: As candidates, you are required to participate in an intense study/focused reflection to deepen their faith. This retreat is designed to teach candidates about the initiation of Confirmation and the power of the Holy Spirit.

6)    Confirmation Sessions: Candidates will attend four sessions throughout the year. These sessions are offered twice to accommodate busy schedules. The sessions will enrich the candidates faith to gain knowledge, strengthen hearts and bring revelation. If you are absent from all opportunities to attend a session you will meet with the coordinator to discuss make-up work.

7)    Service: Confirmation empowers candidates to live the faith in a very public way – by answering the call to serve. Candidates are required to serve in the following areas: Liturgical Ministry, benefiting the parish, benefiting the community, and social justice.

8)    Learning Centers: Candidates along with a parent/guardian will participate in active learning experiences to assist them in a greater understanding of the elements of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Confirmation Retreat: TBD

  • Candidates must be present for the entirety of the retreat.
  • PLEASE BRING: An open heart, casual clothes.
  • CHURCH WILL PROVIDE: All food, beverages and snacks. PLEASE NOTE: Cell phones will be collected for the duration of the retreat.
  • In case of emergency to contact us at the retreat, contact Matt Kehrer, Coordinator of Youth Ministry & Confirmation. Contact information will be provided at the parent/student meeting during the FIRE kickoff.

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Adult Confirmation

For adults joining and returning to the faith, instruction concerning this Sacrament can be arranged through the RCIA (Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults) program. Please contact our Pastoral Associate, Molly Weyrens, at 763-389-2115 or email her at [email protected] for details.