Love God. Live the Eucharist.

Spring Bible Study

Led by Kevin Sharpe (parishioner and professor at St. Cloud State University), we will explore Mark’s story of Jesus as the Suffering Son of God.

The study will begin on April 29 and 30 and run weekly until May 27 and 28.

As we did last fall, Thursday night sessions will be held through Zoom at 7PM; Friday morning sessions will be held in person following daily Mass (approximately 9AM) at COL-South. There is no cost to attend this bible study and everyone is welcome to attend.

Study guides will be available for $20 each. You do not need to purchase a study guide to attend the bible study. Whether you’re a bible study veteran or you’ve never opened the Bible before... if you’ve ever wanted to read the Bible with a group of wonderful people, I invite you to join us this spring!

For any questions and to register (registration will be required for online participants), please email Kevin Sharpe at [email protected].