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December 2021 archive of Blog

December 2021 archive of Blog

January 2, 2022: All Are Welcome

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 12/30/21

All of us have been on a long journey these past two years. Asking what is really true, seeking remedies, seeking peace and normalcy to our lives. To say that it has been an easy trek through all the ups and downs of this pandemic is, …well it ... Read More »

Mary, The Holy Mother of God January 1, 2022: The Wizard got it wrong

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 12/30/21


On Christmas Day, my family and I watched the Wizard of Oz. It was on TV. It is a beloved show that many of us have seen many times. I was even given the full script as a gift. Here it is [show the book].


But ... Read More »

December 26, 2021: Our Spiritual Compass

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 12/26/21

with Reflection by Molly Weyrens, Pastoral Associate

December 25, 2021: You Are Not Alone

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 12/24/21

Remember last year on December 23? We had a terrible snow storm, considered the third worst since 1983 (the year I was ordained). The news said DO NOT TRAVEL at all! Stores, businesses closed earlier. We closed the church and I’m thinking this is OK. I got my ... Read More »

December 19, 2021: Sing of Mary

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 12/18/21


Sing of Mary, first disciple, full of grace beloved of God.

Sing of her courage and compassion as she defends the forgotten ones.

Blessed is she among all people; blessed is she, friend of the poor.

Sing of Mary, God’s reflection, witness of mercy and God’s truth.


Those are new words to a familiar melody that many of us know so well.  I like the newness of it.  For it reminds us that she is the first one to follow God, through Jesus.  She did what her son would do and ask of the disciples . . . to give up her life for the sake of God’s plan.  She was also the first one to hear the voice of Jesus . . . even if it was a baby’s cry. ... Read More »

December 12, 2021: What's in your Mantle?

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 12/10/21

As many of you know, our parish mission statement is: Love God (let all respond) Live the Eucharist. We created it when we merged in 2010. I love it because it is easy to remember. For those who have joined the parish since then, let me explain what ... Read More »

December 8, 2021 (Immaculate Conception): Mary Says Yes

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 12/07/21


Most of us live very well-planned and ordered lives: we schedule our time carefully, we plan each move in our careers strategically, we think four and five steps ahead to make sure all the pieces will work. We leave nothing to chance. 


But at several points, our ... Read More »

December 5, 2021: Being Advent

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 12/04/21

Reflection by our Pastoral Associate, Molly Weyrens.


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