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May 2022 archive of Blog

May 2022 archive of Blog

May 29, 2022: A Place at the Table

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 5/28/22

Have you ever wondered why churches have stained glass?   In modern times, it’s because they are beautiful and add to the charm and sacredness of the church. But originally, they were to educate people. So see, many folks couldn’t read or write, so the windows were a way ... Read More »

May 22, 2022: Contract or Covenant?

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 5/20/22


Do you know the difference between a contract and a covenant? A contract is an agreement between two parties. Think of getting your car repaired. I pay this amount and you do the service. If you don’t do the service, I don’t pay you. If I don’t ... Read More »

May 15, 2022: Who's doing the barking?

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 5/14/22


As you know, I am a runner. Some years back, in my first parish I’d go for these long runs in a loop out in the country. It was great except for this big, huge dog that would always be waiting for me. I could see it ... Read More »

May 8, 2022: What Name does God Call You?

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 5/06/22


What name does God call you? You were all given a name at birth, is that the name God uses. But as we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, some of you received special nick-names. . I asked some Mothers what they called their newborns. They said: peanut, ... Read More »


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