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June 2024 archive of Blog

June 2024 archive of Blog

June 30, 2024: The 5 T's of Healing

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 6/28/24


The gospel deals with healings.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have Jesus with us today to heal all the sicknesses and illnesses that surround us? Well in a sense we are all called to be healers, Maybe not bringing someone back to life like Jesus did, but ... Read More »

June 23, 2024: Embracing New Beginnings [Mission Appeal Homily]

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 6/21/24


My sincerest gratitude to the Most Rev. Bishop Patrick M. Neary, to the Pastor Fr Kevin Anderson and to all of you, for welcoming me to your Parish/Church and for giving me this opportunity to make this Mission Appeal. 


I am Fr. Florante Moren of the ... Read More »

June 16, 2024: Doing Boring or Mundane Things

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 6/14/24

What do we do with all the turmoil occurring all over the world?  The fighting, the wars, the shootings, the issues over climate, tension in politics?  Well, there’s a TV commercial that has an answer. It's from a bank called PNC (Provident National Bank) and basically tells us ... Read More »

June 9, 2024: Ways to Miss God

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 6/08/24

Where is God? Four year old Kyle told a priest once that he knows where God is. He said, “My Dad was outside of the bathroom room this morning, pounding on it and shouting, ‘My God, are you still in there?’”


Where is God? How do we ... Read More »


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