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Fall Fest Raffle Winners

Find out who won...

Christ Our Light gave away $16,000.00 in cash prizes on September 17, 2023, at the Fall Fest with the Golden Harvest raffle. An additional $2,500.00 in cash prizes was awarded with our Sunday Raffle. Thank you to all who participated!

Golden Harvest Raffle:

$10,000.00 Winner: Bruce & Cindy Johnson of Zimmerman

$1,500.00 Winners (4):

  • Margaret Olson of Zimmerman
  • Andy & Roxanne Schreder of Princeton
  • Marilyn Lefebvre of Zimmerman
  • New Church Building Fund

Sunday Raffle:

$1,000.00 Winner: Mike Deschenes of Elk River

$500.00 Winner: Kathie Hanson of Zimmerman

$300.00 Winner: Darrin Goldstein of Zimmerman

$200.00 Winner: Chris Rotz of Zimmerman

$100.00 Winners (5):

  • Linda Johnson of Princeton
  • Michelle Edwards of Coon Rapids
  • Beverly Sonnenburg of Zimmerman
  • Zach Barzee of Big Lake
  • Ken Walters of Zimmerman

Fall Fest Medallion Hunt:

$100.00 Winner: Jackson & Gabi DeMars

* * * * *

Thank you to all who participated in Fall Fest raffles in support of the parish. Congratulations to all of our winners!