Love God. Live the Eucharist.

Pledge Weekend

Stewardship Pledge 2021


November 14/15 was pledge weekend at Christ Our Light. We understand that with the pandemic and other commitments, you may not have been able to join us in person. Check out Fr. Kevin’s homily on tithing with a personal testimony from parishioners. We would like to take this opportunity to share why tithing is so important. This is the second year that Christ Our Light has tithed as a parish and asked the parishioners to consider tithing to the church. Through our tithing as a parish, where we have been giving 5% of our income as our tithe back to community charities, we were able to give more than ever before. (In 2019, $27,835, this year over $32,623, a 17% increase!) How incredible that by trusting in God, we were able to pass along more blessings to those who needed it most.

At every new member gathering we have, Fr. Kevin speaks about being active members of our parish. We want everyone to invest their time in prayer, in volunteering in various ministries, but also to invest their treasure in our parish. As a parishioner of Christ Our Light, we all have privileges and also responsibilities. Your contributions help us to provide the exceptional programming such as our vibrant liturgies (which are now also livestreamed and available to view on our YouTube channel), our faith formation program – FIRE (Families In Religious Education), adult education, sacramental preparation programs, youth retreats and service work. Christ Our Light also is able to place a strong focus on being the hands of Christ, where we are able to financially assist those within and beyond our community through outreach, including mission trips, relationships with Princeton Community Table, SWAN, area food shelves and our sister parish St. Mary’s of Red Lake. In addition to these programs, your financial support also pays for all operating expenses to maintain our facilities.

Christ Our Light has adopted the biblical tithing model of 10%. This 10% breaks down to 5% of household income budgeted for the parish, 1% for the diocese and 4% for various charities. The chart below will help navigate the financial decision as you make a pledge to Christ Our Light’s general fund for 2021. For convenience, the charts include various annual income levels along with what your tithe amount would look like in weekly, monthly and annual contribution amounts at the giving level of 5% to the parish. If you are currently not contributing or unable to commit to the whole 5% tithe, perhaps set a goal for yourself for 2021 and work towards increasing that gradually. Please prayerfully consider how you can give to Christ Our Light and make your pledge electronically.

Tithing Amount Examples


During this season of thankfulness, Christ Our Light asks you to show gratitude for our parish through your giving. Together, we are on the journey to Love God. Live the Eucharist.