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Areas of Ministry

Christ Our Light accomplishes its work through the efforts of our Pastoral Council and six areas of ministry. These teams allow parishioners to get involved and help shape the direction of our ministries in the parish. Read the descriptions on these areas of ministry below to learn more.

If you would like to participate in ministries at Christ Our Light or in the greater community, please CLICK HERE to fill out an online version of our Sign Me Up Form. Thank you!


Liturgy & Environment

Liturgy & Environment assists with changing the environments throughout the church year, and helps maintain various liturgical spaces and resources. It encompasses both LITURGICAL MINISTRY and MUSIC MINISTRY.

  • Liturgy & Environment Development Team provides feedback to make our liturgies effective and provides training for liturgical ministers.
    • Meets: November 15, December 20, February 21 & March 21, 6:30–8PM.
  • Contact Mo Putnam, Director of Music & Liturgy, regarding this development team, and music ministry.
  • Contact Nancy Thielke, Ministry Coordinator, regarding liturgical ministries and to get involved.


Buildings & Grounds

Buildings & Grounds ensures the safety, function, and upkeep of the parish grounds and buildings.

  • Buildings & Grounds Team is responsible for maintaining an inviting, safe place to gather, worship and grow.
    • Meets: October 18, December 20, February 21 & April 18, 6:30–8PM.
  • Contact Dennis Dehn, Director of Maintenance, to get involved.


Stewardship & Finance

Stewardship plans, fosters, and communicates the importance of time, talent, and treasure, with parishioners – all within the context of faith. This team demonstrates a love for the Church and its mission while it develops a thorough understanding of our parish’s goals, people, and other resources.

  • Stewardship & Finance Development Team promotes the financial health of the parish and assures fiscal accountability create a common vision for embracing a culture of stewardship.
    • Meets: October 18, January 17 & April 18, 6:30–8PM.
  • Contact Teresa Davila, Parish Administrator to get involved.


Faith Formation & Youth Ministry

Faith Formation & Youth Ministry is committed to see the parish fulfill its formational and transformational role to faithfully teach about Jesus, the value of virtue and character, and the beauty of the Church’s tradition.

  • Faith Formation Development Team investigates, formulates and implements programs that promote spiritual growth.
    • Meets: October 18, December 20, February 21 & April 18, 6:30–8PM.
  • Contact Wendy Rappé, Director of Faith Formation, regarding programming grades K-6 and families.
  • Contact Fr. Kevin Anderson, Pastor, regarding programming for grades 7-12 and youth ministry.

Social Concerns & Pastoral Outreach

Social Concerns & Pastoral Outreach coordinates resources and balances the types of ministries our parish provides to advocate and best meet the needs of the community.

  • Social Concerns Development Team ensures that our parish serves the world with the understanding and guidance of Catholic Social Teaching.
    • Meets: November 15, January 17 & March 21, 6:30–8PM.
  • Contact Molly Weyrens, Pastoral Associate, to get involved.


Hospitality & Community Life

Hospitality hosts opportunities for fellowship within the parish community so that all may feel welcome in our faith community.

  • Hospitality Development Team helps to ensure our parish’s welcoming environment.
    • Meets: January 19 & March 21, 6:30–8PM.
  • Contact Deacon Mark Barder to get involved.