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Parishioners from Christ Our Light have proven their generosity for many years.  The Diocese encourages giving based upon the biblical tithe of 10%, with 5% of one's income set aside for your parish, 1% for the diocese, and 4% set aside for various charities. Christ Our Light provides a Financial Contribution Guide to help you match your parish giving with your household income. For the well-being of our communities, we encourage that giving be planned, proportionate and rooted in prayer.

Financial Contribution Guide


An Electronic Donation Authorization Form  is available for parishioners who would like the convenience of automatic fund transfer for contributions.

Electronic Donation Authorization Form


Parishioners and visitors of Christ Our Light may also opt for making contributions - fees and one-time donations - through the Online Giving portal at anytime, anywhere.*

*Funds may be transferred from your checking or savings account with no processing fees (preferred method). Funds can also be received by the parish via a credit card transaction, which incurs a processing fee. If you have any questions, please contact Teresa Callison, Operations Coordinator.