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Phase 1 - New Facilities Project Update 03/03/23

CLICK HERE to download the powerpoint presentation (All Parish Meeting) March 11/12, 2023

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Phase 1 - New Facilities Project Update (Email) 03/03/23

As we continue to progress on the planning for Phase 1 of our new facilities, the combined Social Hall – Worship Space, the details for design, schedule and cost are taking shape.  Exciting things are happening and it’s our intent to share developments as they unfold.  Continue to watch the bulletin, website and your email for updates!  Thank you so much for your continued prayers and financial support.  None of this would be possible without both!

Design: After several committee and council meetings, Christ Our Light’s project management team asked the design team to target reducing the project cost by $1 million. The cross functional team of Christ Our Light, Miller Dunwiddie (Design) and Breitbach Construction rolled up their sleeves and developed a revised design that reduced cost by just over $900,000.  This was accomplished through changes in design materials, improved efficiency in design space and a 4% reduction in overall square footage.  Although slightly smaller, the COL team is confident the design meets the original requirements outlined at the beginning of the project.

Schedule: Assuming all goes well in the phases of design development, construction documentation & contractor bidding and with approvals by the parish and diocese on the final plan, groundbreaking could occur as early as July 2023.  This tentative plan would include having the exterior shell up and enclosed before the heart of next winter with planned completion in June 2024. 

Costs: Current costs for the project are estimated between $6.7M and $6.8M.  It’s important for parishioners to remember these costs include the infrastructure costs for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 so we will be ready for Phase 2 when that time comes.

The Christ Our Light team is working with the Diocesan Finance Committee in the development of the financial plan to cover these costs.  Our plan is to present our final proposal to the Diocesan Finance Committee on March 7, 2023.  Their approval is necessary before the Christ Our Light Corporate Board can give the go ahead.  The COL board consists of Fr. Kevin, Trustees Don Schleper and Greg Schoen, Diocesan Vicar General and the Bishop. Prior to the project decision by the corporate board, Fr. Kevin and the trustees will be requesting feedback from the Finance/Stewardship Development Team and the Pastoral Council.

A more detailed communication of the design, schedule and cost is planned for the weekend of March 11/12, 2023.  Please see the bulletin and website for details.

Grace and Peace,

Fr. Kevin Anderson