Love God. Live the Eucharist.

Campaign FAQ

Important Questions For Your Consideration

1) Can’t we reconsider remodeling our North (Princeton) Campus?

  • Four years ago, the decision was made to unite the Princeton and Zimmerman communities by purchasing land for a new parish campus along County Road 9, immediately east of Highway 169. The site is nearly equidistant between Princeton and Zimmerman. Funds raised in the initial “One in the Light” capital campaign were contributed on the premise that they would be directed to the new campus. In addition, the South Campus was sold to produce nearly $900,000 dedicated to the new campus. To redirect the funds raised in the first campaign, the sale of the Zimmerman site, and what can be raised through our new campaign to maintain the north campus, would be a disservice to those who sacrificed and believe a “neutral” location will be the best choice to help unify our parish and provide the space for long-term future growth.

2) Is the North (Princeton) church up for sale and does it need to sell before construction begins?

  • Yes, the North church is actively for sale. The Phase One building plans are not contingent upon the sale of the North church. The sale would be a very positive development and give a boost to the fundraising process. Additionally, the leadership determined at the start of the building project planning that one of the church sites would need to be sold before construction could begin on the new property. Now that the South campus (Zimmerman) has been sold, our focus is on this new campaign to raise the funds needed to start Phase One as soon as possible.

3) Is this the time to build, based on the economy?

  • We have been through many challenges since our planning efforts began many years ago. But we now feel it’s time to proceed before costs rise any further. The question is, “how will we consciously choose to let God speak through our words and our actions?” Is there no better time than the present, for us to offer a commitment to one of the anchors in our life that brings hope and stability – namely Christ Our Light Parish? This effort will represent a positive sign of hope in our collective future.

4) Will the new construction be environmentally friendly?

  • Parish leaders are committed to exploring and weighing all options to ensure that the new facility would be constructed with a design that is energy-efficient and environmentally sound.

5) How much do we have to have in cash before we start?

  • There is no specific amount that “we must have” in place before proceeding. Common sense and sound business practices dictate that we cannot spend more than we have. As of January 31, 2022, the balance of our building fund is $2,250,000 and those funds are currently invested and earning interest. Our challenge is to see how much of the $6,150,000 financial goal can be raised, evaluate the results, and determine the next steps based on our collective response.

6) How much could we finance through a mortgage?

  • Parish financial leaders indicate that Christ Our Light could service a mortgage of $1,000,000 without placing the parish in a serious financial position.

7) Will we use local talent as subcontractors?

  • All licensed and bonded local subcontractors (parishioners and non-parishioners) will be invited to bid for the work to complete our project. In addition, through contributed labor and/or materials, we could reduce the cost of the overall construction. Details of these coordinated arrangements will be determined as our building process moves forward.

8) Is this area growing?

  • Yes, the population growth today and projected for the long term is trending upward. One only needs to witness the construction activity with housing, apartments, commercial businesses, etc. to understand that the Highway 169 corridor is a significant link for people to affordably move into the area and travel to their employer within reasonable driving distance.

9) How soon will we build Phase Two?

  • Rather than one giant leap, our new campus building project master plan must be built in phases. The entire project will be more financially manageable and build a level of confidence by funding and completing the first phase of our new church campus. Then we will use that success as a springboard to complete the second phase. This approach will balance fiscal responsibility with forward thinking and is the most responsible way to approach our ambitious project.