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Phase 1 - New Facilities Project Update 03/03/23

CLICK HERE to download the powerpoint presentation (All Parish Meeting) March 11/12, 2023

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Phase 1 - New Facilities Project Updates:

Email Update 03/30/23

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and financial support, none of this would be possible without both!  Here is the latest: 

Design: No Change.  Design development is wrapping up and we are moving into the construction documentation phase.  These are the documents that are used for bidding and construction.  We continue to work on kitchen design, interior and exterior materials and finishes, audio/visual needs, furnishings, and window coverings.

Schedule: No Change. Major milestone target dates:

March 2023 Design Development (D.D.) Set

May 2023 Order Pre-Engineered Metal Building (Long Lead Item)

June 2023 Construction Document (C.D.) Set

July 2023 Break Ground

December 2024 Take Occupancy


Costs: No Change.  Phase 1 construction costs are estimated to be $6.7M to $6.8M.  As was reported previously, the Christ Our Light team presented our Phase 1 Project Financing Plan to the Diocesan Finance Committee on March 7, 2023.  Our plan was unanimously approved by the committee.  Our plan relies on 5 key inputs from the parish:

(1)   Continued Parishioner support of the existing Ignite Faith Campaign.

(2)   Parishioner support for a 3-year debt reduction campaign following Ignite Faith (estimated May 2025).

(3)   $500k gift from Christ Our Light savings currently invested in the Diocesan Savings and Loan Pool.

(4)   Sale of North

(5)   $1.7M loan from The Diocesan Savings and Loan.  Load terms are 10 years at 4% interest.


The Parish Trustees (Greg Schoen and Don Schleper) and I are evaluating the feedback from the All Parish Meetings (held after Masses on March 11/12, 2023), from the Finance Development Team and the Pastoral Council.  This evaluation includes a possible extension of the schedule to address concerns in our project financing plan and the parish operating budget. 


A majority consenting vote for spending up to the current budgeted cost was given by the Parish Finance Development Team on March 21, 2023.  We presented our current building design to the Diocesan Building Commission on March 22, 2023. Their response is pending. The final approval required is from the Christ Our Light Corporate Board (made up of Bishop Parick Neary, Vicar General Fr. Scott Pogatchnik, Parish Trustee Don Schleper, Parish Trustee Greg Schoen and myself as Pastor).


Continue to watch the bulletin, website, and your email for updates!

Grace and Peace,

Fr. Kevin Anderson