Love God. Live the Eucharist.


Take a look back on what we have accomplished at Christ Our Light as we continue along our journey of becoming one. It is because of your giving that we can IGNITE FAITH and build our new church home.

How Was Our Last Campaign Conducted?

Our initial capital campaign (One in the Light) started in 2017. During this campaign, parishioners had the opportunity to attend a brief social gathering at the rectory. They were given several dates to choose from, and when they attended, they received their personalized campaign invitation tools to take home, reach their decision privately, and then return it confidentially to Fr. Kevin Anderson.

Following the small group events, all remaining parish households had the opportunity to receive the same personalized campaign invitation after liturgies on two consecutive weekends. They heard a 20-minute explanation of the campaign materials and were asked to take them home, reach their decision, and return it to Fr. Kevin.

Several follow-up strategies were used to reach every household to provide them an opportunity to financially support the campaign.


How Will This Campaign Be Different?

During this campaign to fund our new campus facility, each household is invited to offer financial support through a more traditionally-structured capital campaign. This process will be led by two campaign co-chairs, Don Schleper and Mary Blattner, and our division leaders: Deacon Mark & Mary Beth Barder, Derek & Jane Bolan, Forrest & Jill Horton, Steve & Chris Koehler, Jerry Peters and Nancy Thielke.

Working with these division leaders will be 24 subdivision leaders who will enlist nearly 220 volunteers to personally collect confidential pledge cards while gifting a wooden cross made from St. Pius X pews. These commitments will be similar to the prior campaign in that a parishioner’s decision will be made privately and confidentially, and then returned to Fr. Kevin.

Through this “pyramid” structure, our objective is to invite EVERY parish household to join in the funding of our new campus facility.