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November 10, 2019: Signing Yes or No / A glass of water

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 11/11/19


I want to teach you the signs for YES [Demonstrate] and for NO [Demonstrate].

I now have some questions for you and I want you to respond by using either of the signs.


Do you like snow?

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving Day?


Did ... Read More »

November 3, 2019: A Lesson from Zacchaeus

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 11/11/19



October 27, 2019: Masks

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 11/02/19

Have you ever wondered WHY people give candy out on Halloween? It dates back long ago, to the British Isles when they considered that this time of year was the start of winter. This was also the time of year when the dead were honored . . . ... Read More »

October 20, 2019: No Hands but Yours

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 10/22/19

I want you to look at your hands. Look at your palms. Look at the creases, the lines. Maybe your hands have calluses or sores. Now turn them over. Look at your skin. Maybe there are sun spots, maybe your fingernails have dirt on the edges.


Now consider ... Read More »

October 13, 2019: One Thing

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 10/14/19

[I hold up a branch] Imagine it is winter and it is snowing. Imagine this branch covered with snow and the snow is heavy. At some point there is ONE snowflake that lands on the branch that causes it to break.   One flake makes the difference.


Water is ... Read More »

October 6, 2019: The Faith of a Mustard Seed

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 10/07/19

September 29, 2019: Disparity

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 10/04/19

September 22, 2019: The Bigger Picture

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 9/23/19

Wow, that gospel is a rough. It sounds as if Jesus is actually encouraging us to do bad things, that is, to reduce the price for someone else.   But let me try and explain, what I think, Jesus intends.


[I invite staff member, Mo Putnam, to the ... Read More »

September 15, 2019: God in the Prodigal Story

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 9/15/19

Well I sure am glad that I received the role of the Father and the Shepherd in those skits, but those roles are often the most confusing. In that gospel . . . the shepherd, the Father and even the woman are meant to represent God.


We ... Read More »

September 8, 2019: Let Go/Monkey's hand in Pumpkin

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 9/13/19

This is a true story. A group of people in Africa had a problem with monkeys. They took a pumpkin [show a pumpkin] and cleaned it out. Filled it with peanuts. Sealed the top back on. Then cut a tiny hole in the pumkin which was just big ... Read More »