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November 2022 archive of Blog

November 2022 archive of Blog

November 27, 2022: Hide and Seek

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 11/26/22


I remember some years back, my nephew McKenzie (just a few years old) and I were playing ‘Hide & Seek.’ He’s go hide next to the couch or under the table where I easily saw him. He’d have his eyes closed, thinking because he couldn’t see me, ... Read More »

November 20, 2022: The Bridge

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 11/18/22

May choirs of angels lead you into paradise. And may the martyrs come to welcome you.

To bring you home into the Holy City. So you may dwell in new Jerusalem.


“New Jerusalem” is a metaphor to represent heaven. And the song suggests that when we die we ... Read More »

November 13, 2022: Addicted to Comfort

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 11/11/22


A few weeks ago, I had a Zoom chat with young men in their 20’s, from all across the country. We talked about heavy stuff, including what St. Paul writes in the second reading about “some conducting themselves in a disorderly way.”


We also talked about ... Read More »

November 6, 2022: Marriage

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 11/04/22

with Fr. John Christianson from our sister parish, St. Mary's Mission of Red Lake

All Saints, November 1, 2022: To become a Saint

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 11/01/22

Funeral; lives marked by birth date, death date and dash between them


Think of the legacy that you leave after you die.


Think of the legacy established for you, before you were born.

         Ancestors, family

         Communion of Saints

                  to inspire us

         ... Read More »


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