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November 2021 archive of Blog

November 2021 archive of Blog

November 28, 2021: What does God C.N.U.?

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 11/27/21

Ok I have an exercise for you. This is from the work of Rob Bell (speaker, author and former pastor). Here are two approaches to life. [Reveal poster boards]   One says, JOY, HAPPINESS, SUCCESS, LOVE. The other says, SUFFERING, FAILURE, DESPAIR.  


Now, choose which poster boards you ... Read More »

November 21, 2021: Jesus is King

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 11/20/21


When I was in High School in Elk River, we had a couple of Coronations each year. There was Homecoming where the queen was chosen by the students and the King (or Kings) who were the football Captains. Well, I come from a long line of Royalty, ... Read More »

November 14, 2021: Where is Your Hope?

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 11/13/21

We can all probably think of hardships occurring in the world and in our country: whether that is to the environment, with crime, politics. And we can think of local problems: with neighborhood disputes, difficulties at school or among our families. And IT ALL seems like a mess.


Moreover, it sounds like Jesus is confirming the messiness of life in the gospel. The readings at the end of the Liturgical Year always sounds like “gloom and doom.” But the first reading and the gospel are using symbolic language of apocalyptic images, colors, characters to describe what is going on currently for the ... Read More »

November 7, 2021: Our Task to Love

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 11/06/21

November 1, 2021: All Saints

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 11/01/21


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