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March 2022 archive of Blog

March 2022 archive of Blog

April 3, 2022: Rocks & Love

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 3/31/22

Mass March 27 2022: Embrace the Cross

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 3/24/22


In the next few weeks, when you hand back your commitment card for the IGNITE FAITH capital campaign, you will receive one of these gorgeous crosses. They are crafted from the pews of the South Church, the old St. Pius church. Let me pass some of them ... Read More »

March 20, 2022: Be longing

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 3/17/22


OK, let me unpack that first reading a bit for you. Moses is in the desert because he ran away from Egypt. He ran away because he killed a man who was beating a fellow Israelite. You see, Moses was Jewish but became an adopted prince in ... Read More »

March 13, 2022: The Aura

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 3/11/22


I believe that Jesus had an aura. That is, a radiance or glow that beamed of JOY. I spoke about this last Wednesday for our Faith Formation night. You can view it through our parish website.


With Jesus’s aura, some could see it during his life, ... Read More »

March 6, 2022: Search for the Nugget of Gold

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 3/05/22

Ash Wednesday March 2, 2022: To Be Reconciled

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 3/02/22


We kick off Lent marked by the ashes of past Palm Sunday palms. We receive ashes aware of our failings and regret for our sins. That is, what we did . . . for example gluttony, selfishness, bigotry; and what we didn’t do . . . like ... Read More »


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