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May 2021 archive of Blog

May 2021 archive of Blog

May 30, 2021: The Mystery of Relationships

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 5/29/21


I heard about this recently. A man had his 2nd shot of the vaccine at the vaccination center. After which he noticed that his vision was quite blurred during the drive home. When he got home, he called the vaccination center for advice and to ask if ... Read More »

May 23, 2021: We are Church

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 5/22/21

Some years ago, I was home visiting my parents in Elk River and I went out for a run. I just happened to be running past the old St. Andrew’s church building (which was right on the corner of their property and has been since torn down). The ... Read More »

May 16, 2021: What's Up?

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 5/15/21


Hey look what I have. This is coolest thing. It’s rubber Jesus, sort of like an action figure. Look at this, the arms move up and down. He can do blessings, and bow.


It’s great. We can depict all the bible stories. For example . . ... Read More »

May 9, 2021: Radical Love

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 5/08/21

Reflection by Molly Weyrens, Pastoral Associate

May 2, 2021: A Priest with a Chainsaw, Oh My!

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 5/01/21


Recently, I got a new toy [start up my chainsaw – without the chain] I know what you are thinking “Oh, oh a priest with a chainsaw.” Don’t worry there is no chain in this. I’m been using this to cut off branches, trim up trees and ... Read More »


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