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July 2021 archive of Blog

July 2021 archive of Blog

August 1, 2021: Do the right thing

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 7/29/21

Once a woman said to her husband, “The car won’t start.”  “What’s wrong?” he answered.

“There’s water in the carburetor.”  “That’s impossible.”  “There’s water in the carburetor,” she replied again.   “Where’s the car?” he asked.  “In the pond down the road.”


Strange things happen.  Strange things ... Read More »

July 25, 2021: Gifts to be shared

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 7/24/21


Here is a true story reported in the Boston Globe earlies this summer: Seventeen-year-old Verda Tetteh was the valedictorian of her high school class this year at Fitchburg High School in central Massachusetts. A brilliant student, Verda plans to study biochemistry at Harvard, on her way to a ... Read More »

July 18, 2021: 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 7/16/21

Presided by Fr. Eb Schefers.

July 11, 2021: Shaking the Dust

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 7/10/21

Reflection by Molly Weyrens, Pastoral Associate.

July 4, 2021: Thorn in the Side

Posted by Jennifer Adams on 7/02/21


I need some volunteers. Some kids to come up. I have a rose for you to give to someone in your family, but be careful these roses still have the thorns on them. [I give a thorned rose to each kid]. OK, you can go. Oh wait ... Read More »


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